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Why Health? ... Why Sports? ... Why Sales?

The origins of our focus on health has many drivers but it is primarily driven from a desire to help clients
understand the voice of the health customer 
WINNASIUM was founded by a Sales Executive who spent over 20 years leading sales into the largest health accounts in the nation for Tier 1 product and services companies such as Oracle, Optum, SAIC (now Leidos), Ranstad, ACS (now Conduent) and Forrester Research amongst others.
While learning and leading sales across diverse (large and small) enterprises committed to helping lead the nation's adoption of health technology and the transformation of healthcare, our founder noticed the struggle that companies were having attracting and retaining high performing sales talent and determining how to align their sales organizations to win in the newly emerging healthcare landscape.  What became evident was a need for new models in sales and new approaches to sales talent selection and development.  The latter led us to look to other highly competitive, performance industries (e.g. competitive sports) to expand our viewpoint of best practices in talent selection, development and performance management.
   The result is WINNASIUM a company dedicated to creating high performance sales organizations in health.  
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